We live in an amazing time where the technology of tomorrow is here today. JG Telecommunications is always looking to improve the quality of communications. Improving communications also improves the quality of life. We communicate with people everyday, and that communication involves both our business and personal lives. The technological innovations that surround our lives helps make life better. The communication tools need to be effective and there has to be a trust established in order for the technology to advance. JG Telecommunications sets a high standard in reliability, flexibility, and security.

JG Telecommunications is focused on promoting the advancement of fiber technology. The technology of fiber optics is not new. In fact, it has been around for quite some time. Having it accessible has always been the obstacle. Before, it was the cost. Now, it's the exposure. Fiber will change the way people do business. It will change the way we communicate from home. Fiber will make a better quality of life. JG Telecommunications will strive to offer the best in fiber technology and open new opportunities to the way we work and play. Our strategy is to offer fiber to as many market demographics as possible. Being able to share this technology, have it be useful, and having people be able to enjoy the enriching qualities of this technology is what JG Telecommunications is determined to produce.

JG Telecommunications is passionate of the products we produce. We look forward to the challenges ahead and are determined to accomplish our goals. We see the need to be filled and work hard to make it happen. Our vision is to see a world talking, working, and playing without the difficulties of the past. Our future looks bright and we look forward in sharing it.

Wonro Lee
President & CEO
JG Telecommunications